Member Spotlight: Kirsten Steeves, Attorney at Law • 300 E. Main St. • Peotone, IL 60468 • 708/258-3939

Owner: Kirsten Steeves

Business History: Kirsten opened her General Law Practice in Peotone, in March of 1995. She is celebrating the 10th anniversary of her practice this year.

Best business advice: “Don’t worry about the things you cannot control.”

Secret to her success: Kirsten says that great office help is definitely one of the main secrets to her success. (She always makes sure that they have plenty of chocolate on hand!). She also shared that kindness and sensitivity to her clients that are going through difficult times is essential. Also, the ability to laugh!

Memorable moments in company’s history: Settling a $1.4 million lawsuit involving a dog bite that fractured a child’s skull.

Other: Kirsten’s law office is located right in downtown Peotone across from the Village Hall on Main St. She has two wonderful office assistants, Shelby McConkey & Emily Skyer, who help make her busy practice run in an efficient and professional manner.

Her office hours are generally:

  • Monday through Thursday from 8:30am – 4:30pm.
  • On Fridays the practice is closed.
  • Kirsten will also take appointments on evenings and weekends when necessary. Kirsten is also on the Board of Directors for the Chamber of Commerce.

The Law Office of Kirsten Steeves, located at 300 E. Main St. in Peotone.

Working buds, Emily and Shelby

Law Office Assistant, Emily Skyer

Law Office Assistant, Shelby McConkey